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  • Katie Sheach

What the hell are marketing metrics and why should you even care?!

In the simplest form - Marketing metrics are the results of your efforts and you should care because they tell you if your hard work is paying off or if you need to try a different approach.

Diving in a little deeper let’s explain a few different marketing metrics you could track and what they are telling you.

  1. Email Marketing

    1. Open Rate - are your subject lines catchy enough

    2. Click Through Rate - Did you entice them enough

    3. Unsubscribes - Are we sending too much or are we irrelevant

  2. Social Media

    1. Reach - Are we getting in front of enough people

    2. Followers - Is our page exciting enough for them to connect

    3. Interactions - Is our content engaging our audience

  3. Website

    1. Traffic - are enough people finding our website

    2. Time spent - are they staying long enough to browse the website

    3. Conversion - is the website effective enough to get sales

  4. Video / YouTube

    1. Views - Is the headline catchy enough to grab the attention

    2. Viewing Time - Is the video captivating enough

    3. Subscribers - are we converting them to loyal fans

  5. Leads

    1. Conversion Rate - Are we selling well

    2. Where come from - What marketing channel is working best

    3. Conversion length - How long is it taking us to convert

So why is any of this important?

I’m hoping just by reading this you can see why it’s important.

Imagine having the answer to all those questions, just imagine the impact knowing that could have on the business.

  • You could double down on what's working well

  • You could stop spending money on things that aren’t performing

  • You could change things up before it’s too late

  • You could build new strategies

  • You could completely change your entire business just by tracking its metrics.

So the next time you think you shouldn’t care about your metrics I want you to think about this post. And, if you are now wondering where you start with tracking your metrics I have just the thing.

As always we start by taking action and for less than a fiver [£5] you can get access to my metrics tracker. It is a super simple Google Sheet that you just fill out every month. It's not some fancy difficult spreadsheet full of formulas, I keep things simple and it's the exact one I use in my business and I use with my clients.

It has metrics for Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Email, Twitter, and Facebook and even comes with a BONUS lead tracker.

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