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How to kickstart your marketing and sales in 2023

Do you know what you are planning to market and sell in 2023? Are you planning on doing any 'launches' of anything or are we looking to create consistent steady sales on an evergreen basis? Your marketing depends heavily on your sales! So understanding what's happening with one will really help with the other and save you from creating content willy-nilly on the spot or ghosting for weeks at a time 👀.

I think marketing is often over complicated, yes there is so much that can be done with your marketing, and getting creative will help you stand out from the crowd but if your goal is consistency let's not overcomplicate the basics.

So where do you start if you want to kickstart your marketing and sales in 2023? Start with Sales Are you looking for steady consistent sales throughout the year or are you boosting sales with launch periods? Look at your cash flow for 2022, did you have any high sales periods, could you look to do a big push around that time for 2023 to see if it's your peak period? For peak sales periods or launches you want to map the dates of your sale and then work backwards 90 days and that's when the prep needs to start and you're marketing materials are going to shift. If you are service-based and evergreen selling - have a look to see if you had a peak in 2022, and try to remember what happened, could you do a little push around this time for a boost? Alternatively, your marketing strategy will be evergreen and you will likely be focused on building your brand awareness and focusing on relationship building.

Moving into Marketing Now you know what you are going to sell and when/how you are selling it's time to focus on your marketing. The very first thing I want you to look at is where did most of your sales come from last year, when you dig deep how did they find you? Which platform is really working for you? Then I want you to do the opposite, which platform didn't perform well for you in 2022 and then critically analyse it - did I put in enough effort, did I utilise the platform, is my audience on this platform?

All too often we're on platforms because we're told we 'should' - I like to approach it from the angle of - are my ideal clients on here and do I enjoy the platform? It needs to be worth it for your business. Once you've analysed your marketing channels, decide where you are focusing in 2023 because that's how you'll create your plan. Remember don't put all your eggs in one basket and have at least one SEO-boosting marketing channel (blog, Pinterest, Youtube) and email marketing alongside your socials.

Now you know what you are selling and when, and which marketing channels you are using you can start to map out your content! I can guarantee already mapping out content will be easier because you know what you're selling, which means you know what topics to talk about (spoiler: anything that's relevant to the thing you are going to be selling in that 90-day period). Remember, keep things simple, think about your brand, your values and what you stand for and build your content off of this. Stick to the platforms you enjoy and that are working for you and invest in support as and when you need it to help elevate your marketing to reach the goals you've set. Start small and only add extra channels when you've got one up, running and performing for you. Remember to think about what you're selling and your marketing will follow from this. Track your metrics This will help you understand what is working and what isn't so you can change up your content to do more of the good stuff and less of the shit stuff. Being proactive is everything in business!



Hey, I'm Katie

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